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Whether you're borrowing for a vehicle, a home, a wedding, a long-overdue vacation...whatever the reason NEXUS CS has a loan product that is right for you. Our lending products are designed specifically to meet your individual requirements.

Personal Loans
RRSP Loans
Lines of Credit

Are you in need of a Credit Card?  Please contact us to arrange for the product that is right for you!

Student Line of Credit Application can be accessed here.

Helping You When Times are Tough

We have special programs in place to help members who are on strike, or have suffered a job loss.
If you've been impacted and you're worried about meeting your financial obligations, we have a number of solutions that may help. You may be eligible for a postponement or temporary suspension of payment on your loan while you get back on your feet. Please talk to us. Give us a call or come into your branch. We're here to help.


Our Investment products are designed to achieve your financial goals and dreams!  Whether it is saving for retirement or building that nest egg towards financial freedom, TCU is committed to strengthen your financial health.









NCS is a Member Owned, Community Based financial institution serving everyone in the Thamesville, Wardsville, Dutton, and surrounding areas with low or no cost, full-service Banking.  Why not visit one of our locations to see how we can lower your banking fees!

NexusCU – Your Community Credit Union, You Belong With Us!